Provision of Infirmary Service through Public-Private Partnership (Infirmary Service PPP)
HA collaborates with Po Leung Kuk through contracting to operate infirmary services at Wong Chuk Hang Hospital with a maximum capacity of 64 beds.

Enhance the choices of infirmary care services for applicants on the Central Infirmary Waiting List (CIWL) managed by HA

Infirmary care outside hospitals can provide persons who require infirmary care service but are medically more stable a more homely and socialised environment without compromising the quality of care.

Same fee as HA

Service Users are required to pay Po Leung Kuk the same gazette fees and charges as charged by HA for its General Infirmary Service. Service Users who can enjoy medical fee benefit / waiver under HA can also enjoy the same benefit / waiver under the Programme.