Corruption Prevention Information
Public-Private Partnership Programmes – Relevant Probity Clauses
  • Private Service Providers shall comply with the requirements / recommendations / best practices set forth in the document “Public-Private Partnership Programmes for Healthcare Services – Corruption Prevention Guide for Service Providers” issued by the Independent Commission Against Corruption via the link :
  • Private Service Providers shall be responsible for the good conduct of its staff, sub-contractor(s) or agent(s) whilst providing the services under the Project / Programme to Project / Programme Patients, and shall ensure that its staff, sub-contractor(s) or agent(s) do not solicit or accept any money or gifts from Project / Programme Patients or otherwise whilst deployed to provide the services.
  • The Hospital Authority prohibits its employees, agents and service providers who are involved in the Project / Programme from offering, soliciting or accepting any advantage as defined in the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap. 201) in connection with the Project / Programme. Hence, Project / Programme Patients and their families should not offer any advantage to the above persons.