Cataract Surgeries Programme (CSP)
Patients on HA clusters’ routine cataract surgery waiting lists can join the Programme, and receive cataract surgeries performed by private ophthalmologists.

Provide options to cataract patients

Patients who have been on HA clusters’ routine cataract surgery waiting lists for a specified period and are suitable for local anaesthesia surgeries would be invited to join the Cataract Surgeries Programme.

Comprehensive service package

Participating patients may choose the participating private ophthalmologists to receive one pre-operative assessment, cataract surgery including intraocular lens, and two post-operative checks.

No more than HK$8,000 of co-payment

Participating patients can receive a fixed amount of HK$8,000 subsidy, and may need to co-pay an amount of not more than HK$8,000 for the service package. The HA will disburse the HK$8,000 subsidy to the private ophthalmologist directly after the completion of cataract surgery and treatment package. Waiver Eligible Patients may be entitled to enjoy the fee waiver arrangements under the Programme.