Colon Assessment Public-Private Partnership Programme (Colon PPP)
Project patients being invited by the Hospital Authority can choose a private specialist for colon assessment.

Provide options to patients for colon assessment

Invitation will be sent to eligible patients on the waiting list for colonoscopy in public hospitals, classified as stable cases, and fit for home bowel preparation and colonoscopy under ambulatory setting.

Minimum co-payment of $1000

The HA will offer a one-off fixed subsidy of $6,800 (without polypectomy) or $7,500 (with polypectomy) to each patient. Patients will only need to bear a minimum co-payment of $1,000. Waiver Eligible Patients may be entitled to enjoy the fee waiver arrangements under the programme.

Comprehensive service package

Patients can choose one participating private specialist from the list who will provide clinical assessment, colonoscopy procedure and explanation of results. For patients requiring biopsy and /or polypectomy, tissue specimens will be sent by the performing private specialist for histopathology examination. The private specialist will also discuss further treatment plan with the patient if appropriate.