Glaucoma Public-Private Partnership Programme (Glaucoma PPP)
Patients who are receiving glaucoma treatment in HA can be invited to join the Programme to receive private specialist services in the community.

Provide options to glaucoma patients

The Programme is launched in 2019 with aims to provide choice to patients for receiving private specialist services in the community. Clinically stable glaucoma patients currently taken care of by HA Ophthalmology Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOPCs) will be invited for voluntary participation.

Comprehensive service package

Each participating patient will receive up to four subsidised consultations per year including consultations and specified drugs for treating glaucoma, and investigation services of up to one visual field (VF) test and one optical coherence tomography (OCT) scan per year to be provided by the private ophthalmologist.


Same fee as for HA SOPC services

Participating patients only need to pay the same fee as HA SOPC services. Currently, it is $80 per attendance, $15 per drug item, and $80 per investigation service. Participating patients eligible for waiver under the criteria set out in the Notice on Waiver Arrangement in Programme’s website may be entitled to the same fee waiver arrangement as for HA’s service under the Programme.

Service fee will be paid to service providers

For service provision, participating private ophthalmologists may receive a maximum service fee of $5,350 per patient per year covering a maximum of four consultations, one VF test and one OCT scan, including the HA SOPC fee to be paid by patients to private ophthalmologists after each consultation. For eligible waiver patients, HA will bear the SOPC fees.