Haemodialysis Public Private Partnership Programme (HD PPP)
To cater for the growing demand of the haemodialysis service for end-stage renal failure (ESRF) patients, the Hospital Authority (HA) collaborates with community medical organisations to provide options for patients to receive haemodialysis in the community under the Haemodialysis Public-Private Partnership Programme.

Provide options for patients with end-stage renal failure

HA collaborates with community medical organisations to invite clinically suitable patients to join the Programme which offers the choice of receiving treatment in community haemodialysis centres.

Same fee as HA

Patients are required to pay the community haemodialysis centres a co-payment which is the same gazette fees and charges as charged by HA for its day procedure and treatment at Renal Clinic, subject to the extent of waiver granted by HA (if any).