Project on Enhancing Radiological Investigation Services through Collaboration with the Private Sector (Radi Collaboration)
HA cancer patients fulfilling specific clinical criteria can be referred to the private sector for radiological diagnostic examinations as part of their cancer care.
This FAQ is for general information only. Participating patients should refer to the terms and conditions of the Project for details.



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  1. What is the “Radi Collaboration” Project (the “Project”)?
    The Project is a Government-funded public-private partnership (“PPP”) project aiming at enhancing radiological investigation service for cancer patients through collaboration with the private sector. Under the Project, cancer patients fulfilling specific clinical criteria can receive CT and / or MRI services from the private sector under full subsidy. 
  2. If a patient is clinically eligible, how can he / she apply to participate in the Project?
    HA doctors can invite patients to take part in the project. For patients accepting such offer, the doctor will prescribe a suitable imaging package for them. There is no need for patients to apply themselves.
  3. What services are to be provided by participating service providers under this Project?

    Under the Project, patients will receive the following service(s) from participating service providers under full subsidy:

    1. CT / MRI scan(s) for specific body regions as prescribed by doctor;
    2. Drugs related to the scan (e.g. contrast, steroid) for patient in need; and
    3. In case of sudden change of patient’s condition, provision of initial treatment to stabilize a patient before transfer to HA, if so required.

  4. What should a patient do if he / she accepts hospital’s invitation to join this Project?
    Patients need to indicate their choice of participating service provider and give joining consent to participate in the “Electronic Health Record Sharing System” (“eHRSS”) to facilitate booking arrangement. Patient should also give sharing consent to the chosen participating service provider under the eHRSS to enable access of health information.
  5. How can a patient choose their participating service provider?
    HA has selected a panel of participating service providers through tender to take part in the Project. These participating service providers have been assessed to have met prescribed requirements and patients can, based on their own need (e.g. service location, operating hours, means of transport etc.), choose suitable providers from HA’s list to receive exam(s) prescribed by HA doctor. HA staff will not recommend any particular participating service provider to patients, but will provide a list of service providers with relevant information to facilitate patients’ choice.
  6. Why do the patients taking part in the Project need to participate in the eHRSS?
    Patient’s referral under the Project is conditional on his / her agreeing to participate in eHRSS. With joining and sharing consent given, patient’s clinical information within the pre-defined scope can be viewed by his / her participating service providers to enable appropriate service be provided. The eHRSS System also facilitates participating service providers to input exam-related information to HA electronically.
  7. What are things that a patient should note to facilitate a smooth exam process?

    Patients should note the following:

    1. Prepare for their exam (e.g. fasting etc.) following the instruction provided by HA and / or their selected participating service provider;
    2. Attend their scheduled appointment punctually with document of identification and appointment letter;
    3. Give sharing consent to their chosen participating service provider to view his / her electronic health record; and
    4. If unable to attend their appointment as scheduled, contact their chosen participating service provider by phone for re-scheduling.

  8. What will be the arrangement for patients who prefer not to join the Project?
    Patients can choose to take part in the Project on a voluntary basis upon invitation by HA doctors. Patients who do not prefer to join the Project will be arranged to have their exam(s) done in HA hospitals.
  9. Will the HA continue to provide follow-up care for patients who choose to take part in the Project?
    HA will continue to provide follow-up care for patients in need, no matter they take part in the Project or not. 
  10. Will there be any quality control on the services provided under this Project?
    The panel of participating service providers, selected through tender, have been assessed to have met prescribed requirements in order to take part in the Project. Mechanism is in place to monitor their compliance with contract requirements.