General Outpatient Clinic Public-Private Partnership Programme (GOPC PPP)
Patients fulfilling pre-defined clinical criteria and programme requirements and who have been attending HA Outpatient Clinic for at least 12 months will be invited to join the Programme to receive primary care service from the private sector.


Issue 23 - DH Recall Products Were Not Contract Sources in HA

Dear Doctors,

We would like to draw your attention to the announcement by the Department of Health (DH) on 11 March 2019 to recall four products, involving seven batches, containing Losartan from the market as a precautionary measure due to the potential for an impurity in the products.

The Hospital Authority (HA) has confirmed that these affected products were not contract sources in HA and were not available for supply to Participating Service Providers via GOPC PPP Programme.

You may contact Hind Wing Co Ltd hotline 2541 5731 for enquiries in relation to the above affected products.

Yours faithfully,
GOPC PPP Programme Office
Hospital Authority