General Outpatient Clinic Public-Private Partnership Programme (GOPC PPP)
Patients fulfilling pre-defined clinical criteria and programme requirements and who have been attending HA Outpatient Clinic for at least 12 months will be invited to join the Programme to receive primary care service from the private sector.


Issue 5 - Application for unlocking a consultation record

Dear Doctor,

Thank you for your participation and continual support to the Programme. 

As you are aware, consultation records under the Programme’s IT Platform (GOPC PPP Profile) can only be entered / edited within 3 calendar days after each subsidized consultation. Proper and timely inputting of consultation records is particularly important for continuity of patient care. Under exceptional circumstances where you are unable to complete the inputting within 3 calendar days or require further updating afterwards, please contact the Programme Office and provide details of the consultation that is required to be unlocked for editing. 

Starting from 1 October 2017, when requesting to unlock consultation record(s), you can use an application form to provide details of such consultation record(s) and send to the Programme Office via email or fax. The application form is appended for your advance reference and will be available for download at the eHRSS portal landing page upon login. For those consultations undertaken more than one month before the receipt of relevant unlock request by the Programme Office, please also provide clinic record as supporting document and submit together with the application form. Please note that unlocking a consultation record is subject to potential audits and approval by the Programme Office.

In any case, at all times, please ensure that the consultation details are precisely inputted to the GOPC PPP Profile, which is essential for continuity of patient care and the processing of reimbursement claims

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at or via the Programme hotline 2300 7300 (after selecting language, press 5 to speak direct with our hotline staff).

Thank you very much again.

Yours faithfully,

Connie Lau 
Manager (Transformation Projects) 
Hospital Authority