General Outpatient Clinic Public-Private Partnership Programme (GOPC PPP)
Patients fulfilling pre-defined clinical criteria and programme requirements and who have been attending HA Outpatient Clinic for at least 12 months will be invited to join the Programme to receive primary care service from the private sector.


Updates on Enhancement of GOPC PPP IT Platform

Dear Doctors,

Thank you for your participation in Co-care (PSY) CME Webinar which was held on 17 June 2022 and your continual support to the GOPC PPP. We are pleased to advise you on the enhancement of GOPC PPP IT Platform and the latest update of the List of Specified Drugs.

Expansion of Programme Co-Care (PSY)

Riding on the existing GOPC PPP, the patient invitation pool had been extended to eligible patients who are attending HA Psychiatry Specialist Out-patient Clinics [SOPC (PSY)], fulfilling the pre-defined clinical criteria and are in stable conditions.  Eligible patients would be invited accordingly to join Co-Care (PSY). Kowloon Hospital and Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital will take precedence in inviting eligible patients.

Update on Clinical Assessment Form for Co-Care (PSY) Patients

An update on Clinical Assessment Form specified for Co-Care (PSY) patients was made. The upper part of the assessment is specified for Co-Care (PSY) patients, with some structural fields on mental state examination whereas the lower part is specified for General Health Status. Please see the below: 
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Expansion of Programme Drug List for Co-Care (PSY)

We are pleased to inform you that SIX new drugs have been added to the “List of Specified Drugs” for participating patients under Co-care (PSY) programme. You can refer to the Appendix for details.   Please be advised that the newly added drug items only applied for participating patients referred by HA SOPC (PSY) under the Co-care (PSY) programme. The ordering of the six new drugs would be opened to you with enrolled Co-care (PSY) patients starting from 24 June 2022.

New Investigation List for patients with History of Thyroid Cancer

In preparation for Co-care (Survivorship) programme to be launched later this year, which targeting patients who are thyroid cancer survivors with low risk of disease recurrence.  A new test category list for patients with history of Thyroid Cancer only has been added: do not select the items in the red box below unless for Co-care (Survivorship) patients. Please stay tuned for our Co-care Service Model through the e-Bulletin and webinars in understanding more about the programme and clinical management tips upon extension of the patient invitation scope.
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Should you have any enquiries regarding the GOPC PPP and Co-care Service Model, please feel free to contact us at or via the Programme hotline 2300 7300 (after selecting language, press 5 to speak directly with our hotline staff).  Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

GOPC PPP Programme Office
Hospital Authority

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